Our rich operational experience and a unique mastery of linguistics have made it possible to launch the AWATERA Academy. We want our translator partners to be the very best out there! To enable that, we are willing to offer training and share information that virtually never reaches the public domain

The Fundamentals of Marketing Translation Course

Many believe that translating marketing-themed texts is a walk in the park compared to working with materials based on professional topics. Nine out of ten translators are happy to list marketing-themed translation proficiency on their resumes, only to receive quality complaints from the customers straight away. Why does this happen and how is it avoided?

Our Fundamentals of Marketing Translation course has been designed for translators and editors interested in honing their professional skills at marketing translation in fields such as fashion retail, beauty and fragrances, or DIY. Familiarize yourself with existing industry standards and customer requirements or delve into related topics, i.e. news releases or finance. Each training session is built around dissecting real cases we have to deal with. Learning to read between the lines will make your translations both accurate and fluid.

Medical Translation Course

Medical translation is a specific, subtle field of linguistics. Medical translators must possess supreme, in-depth knowledge of subject matter and be highly accurate in interpreting the source material. Common terminology abounds in the medical environment, but the exact meaning of certain terms may vary considerably from language to language. Our Medical Translation course can help you learn the ropes or delve deeper into specific subjects. The course includes some of the most in-demand areas, such as clinical research, evidence-based medicine, cardiology, oncology, and diabetes.

The Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Translation course

Pharmaceutical translation is unlike other areas in linguistics. New medicinal products hit the shelves every day all over the world. Making them accessible to customers worldwide is a challenge for a pharmaceutical translator. The smallest error here is unacceptable, meaning a linguist simply cannot work in this field without a secure grasp of highly specialized knowledge.

At our Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Translation course, participants will be introduced to every basic concept within the subject, as well as master the translation of descriptions of testing methods and understand what is meant by the validation of a method. Our coaches will show how to search correctly and effectively for instrumental information, read chromatograms, and explain the nuances of production, packaging, and drug control measures.

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