Adopted in 2015, the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development defines the core business vectors and principles AWATERA adheres to.

We recognize the complexity of interconnections and interdependencies that have molded our current reality. We deeply care about the world we will live in for years to come; therefore, we do our very best to ensure that every step we take is consistent with the core values and goals outlined by the UN. Our company believes that in this unstable world, with the looming climate change and overpopulation, sustainable development is the long-term strategy that will help us grow our business and benefit the society as a whole.

Acceptance and implementation of the goals in our work process is absolutely natural for us, as these goals correlate with our internal needs, values and the employees' vision of our company's future.

AWATERA's business principles are currently aligned
with the following sustainable development goals:
3 Healthcare and Wellness

Health-preservation practices, sports and physical activities are an integral part of AWATERA's corporate culture. We regularly participate in industry-wide basketball, volleyball, and track and field competitions, and we encourage all our employees to do sports on a regular basis. Our company finances, partially or in full, our employee's participation in a wide variety of competitions and tournaments, and awards winners with prizes and trophies.

4 Quality Education

As experts in the field of interpreting and translation, we consider it our responsibility to contribute to the development of this industry and the overall professional development of our employees. In 2019,
we established the AWATERA Academy that annually provides training to up to 1,000 people.
The Academy instructors are leading experts in linguistic and non-linguistic areas who offer their expertise and support to each student, facilitating their continuous learning, professional growth, and expansion of the scope of their professional competencies.

Our company has in place a system of growth and development that allows all employees to quickly and effectively master all the skills necessary for professional development and receive a decent compensation for their work.

5 Gender

At AWATERA, every employee, male or female, is evaluated solely based on their professional qualities, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or religion. We ensure that every employee of our company has equal opportunities for personal and professional growth. We will actively promote the inclusion culture and create more job opportunities for people with disabilities. We are already hiring people with limited abilities and retirees. This information is available in our profile.

8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

Our company's specific line of business and organizational structure, along with our commitment to continuous growth and expansion have allowed us to create more jobs and prevent layoffs during the COVID-19 pandemic. We consider it our responsibility to provide work for all our employees by perpetually searching for new markets and adding new promising lines of business. Today, our team includes over 500 staff, as well as thousands of contractors worldwide.

AWATERA has a quality control system in place that allows us to maintain our product reputation and ultimately ensure a competitive pay for every employee.

9 Industrialization, Innovation, Infrastructure

Since day one, AWATERA has been an innovative company involved in practical research in the field of automation and optimization of translation processes. We also understand the importance of projects that help indirectly influence the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.
We are planning to adapt the GHG Emissions Calculation Tool for our operations in 2021. We are already taking steps toward reducing the CO2 release levels.
For example, since 2020, 70% of our employees have been working remotely, which means that most of us do not use any kind of transportation on a daily basis.

11 Responsible Consumption and Production

All AWATERA's lease agreements include a use of energy-saving technologies provision.

We practice responsible consumption of all resources in our work process, and include our suppliers, contractors, and customers into a unified ecosystem. In our vendor partnerships, we strive for a full compliance with ethical, environmental, and industrial safety standards. In our offices, we collect used lithium batteries for further recycling, as well as practice separate collection of plastic, clothing, paper, cardboard, and other recyclables.

Over the last year, AWATERA has reduced consumption of paper and plastic in its offices by more than a third. This was possible by switching most of our employees to telecommuting.

This document is our first step toward understanding and adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are inspired by the idea that AWATERA can contribute to a better future.

For example, starting 2020, 70% of our employees have been working from home, which contributes to our reduction of CO2 emissions
In the past year, AWATERA has reduced consumption of paper and plastic in its offices by more than one third by switching to EDI and abandoning plastic plates and utensils
We have reduced our office space from 850 sq.m to 600 sq.m and have equipped all our lighting fixtures with energy-saving light bulbs.

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