Teal Future at AWATERA

Imagine a company where everyone is treated as equals and valued in their own right and nobody is bossed around by a grumpy, finger-pointing director. “Come on, it’s not possible!” you’d probably go, to which AWATERA employees would counter: “In fact, it is, and we’re out to prove it.”

Examples of organizations of the future, or “teal organizations,” can be found all over the world, and the success of the teal approach is largely underscored by their fruitful experience building efficient teams. By the way, the term “teal organizations” was coined by Belgian author and business advisor Frederic Laloux, and extensively used in his 2014 book titled Reinventing Organizations. 

We at AWATERA once chose the teal paradigm for business development and have already come a long way progressing to the level of next-stage organizations. The company is en route to self-management, but that is not to say it lacks order or structure or the scope of personal responsibility is blurred. Instead, each employee’s view of how things need to be done within their respective domain is considered important, and therefore their creative input and custom twist to their job functions matter more than how “it used to be dealt with” and “how it must be done” or than “the big boss said so–you comply or leave.”

Importantly, we can’t afford the dubious luxury of having our employees go through the motions day in, day out, double-checking the time and praying hard for the workday to come to a close. Everyone is seeking happiness, and the time spent at the workplace should be in line with these aspirations. Moreover, the company can only hit its targets when each of its members feels totally at home and is no way refrained from bringing their talents to life. That’s why we respect each Awateran’s individuality and treat them accordingly.

Indeed, individuality can’t be fettered by a cramping laundry list of formal job duties, and individuals shouldn’t approach their activities through the lens of specific tasks set in stone. At our company, employees are free to switch departments and sometimes end up working on things far different from those they’d been supposed to on Day 1. We made it a point, in fact, to spot the individual’s professional proclivities and strong suits and help our employees tap into their true potential for the company’s common good.

With this in mind, we care to arrange pastime options our employees can enjoy in the most intriguing and diverse manner. Those big on sewing and knitting share tips on how to step up your game; musicians play in a band at corporate gigs and give free music tutorials to their colleagues; chess enthusiasts strain their brains at our in-house tournaments; polymaths battle it out at trivia contests; and avid readers vastly engage in BookCrossing. Please note these are all grassroots initiatives, rather than parts of a plan imposed from up above and subject to unimpeachable implementation.

Already at the onboarding stage, it becomes apparent that the company takes a profound interest in a new hire as an individual. The traditional questionnaire and self-presentation go well beyond being a mere trendy HR stunt. Again, we never do things that “need to be done come hell or high water.” In other words, what you are matters, and so does what you strive to be.

On top of all that, we at AWATERA seek to have your values, interests, and aspirations tailored to and synced with our common overarching narrative of progress and success. All along, AWATERA acts as a highly adaptive mechanism, evaluating opinions, embracing innovation, and responding to changes in the environment. If still hesitant, give it a try, get onboard, and feast on the unique AWATERA experience. 

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