The two companies have merged and will now develop simultaneous interpretation services together.

AWATERA is the major translation company in Russia, Eastern Europe, and the CIS. Over the years of experience, it has developed unique interpretation solutions capable of meeting the most challenging customer needs anywhere in the world. SPEAKUS is a cloud-based remote simultaneous interpretation platform bringing together technical expertise and vast experience in delivering language services and technical support for the events of any scale and format.

AWATERA and SPEAKUS executives have recently taken a strategic decision to merge.

"In recent years, the industry has undergone dramatic changes ushered in by new technologies. The first to be affected by this technological evolution was translation services, which will be followed by interpretation. The SPEAKUS platform is the first step in this direction. The merger offers extra opportunities to each of the parties, with the SPEAKUS team gaining access to all resources and the support of AWATERA's marketing and sales departments, customer service and project management offices, and R&D team. For customers, it means more possibilities brought by the technological platform and a significant cost reduction since transportation services, per diem interpreters, and equipment rental are no longer needed. Besides, simultaneous interpreters will be able to work both at the office and from home, delivering their services at multiple venues in one day, thus saving on travel time," pointed out Aleksey Shesterikov, CEO of AWATERA.

It is now safe to say that the global market of remote simultaneous interpretation systems (RSI) has been joined by a major player with resources in sales and production as well as a secure RSI technology and possibilities for its further development.

Igor Gusev, cofounder of SPEAKUS, also recognizes the clear benefits of the merger, "As a result, it gives us the largest RSI platform in Russia and Europe. This is a crucial moment for remote simultaneous interpretation and the interpretation industry in general."

The merger also foresees future integration of with the SPEAKUS platform. The simultaneous interpreters' database will be merged with the RSI platform, enabling customers to find the right candidate for their job while granting interpreters direct access to available projects.

AWATERA and SPEAKUS are planning to jointly develop the potential of simultaneous interpretation market, including those areas where such service has previously been unavailable. Wider use of cloud-based technologies in interpretation will help take the language industry to a whole new level.

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