AWATERA Partner Day

Last Thursday, AWATERA officially launched its St. Petersburg branch. The opening event proved to be heartwarming indeed, bringing together insightful content, friendly conversations, and new contacts!

We would like to thank our speakers Aurika Vilardi, Alexey Bekmansurov, and Anastasiya Kapranchik for engaging and highly insightful presentations!

A special thanks goes out to our guests who found time in their hectic schedules to share the joy of this moment with us.

And a big thank you to our team for making this night so special. Alexey Shesterikov, Denis Krivosheev, Dmitry Pavlov, Vladimir Kozlov, Sergey Tarkhov, Kristina Shikina, Valeriya Sherstobitova, and Kseniya Samokhina, it's all thanks to you.

Ahead of us are new launches and no less flamboyant AWATERA Partner Days.

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