Consecutive interpretation at Expo 2020 Dubai

From October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, Dubai will host Expo 2020 (the exhibition was postponed due to the pandemic, but kept its initial designation). This landmark event will showcase a variety of innovative business solutions and the region's rich culture.

The expo will be split into thematic districts, and the visitors will be treated to lots of entertainment: parades, night fireworks, and hundreds of magnificent shows by famous performers from all over the world.

International exhibitions open a wealth of new opportunities; however, both the speakers and visitors use countless different languages. Hence, an interpreter is needed to lift the inevitable language barrier.

The role of a consecutive interpreter

Consecutive interpreting (when a person interprets during pauses in speech) is a task that requires a highly qualified specialist who will not drop the ball at a crucial moment. Possible scenarios vary. Do you need an interpreter for a delegation that hopes to find new business opportunities at the event? Or are you expecting visitors at your pavilion? In this case, the interpreter will make sure that you deliver the best possible pitch for your product. We can get you an expert for any task.

We are thorough in our selection of candidates. Our interpreters are not only fluent in foreign languages, but also have a perfect grasp on cultural nuances. Thanks to that, we have extensive experience in providing linguistic support during events.

If needed, we can find a person who will not merely interpret at your booth, but act as a full-fledged host or hostess to meet your guests and accompany them to the venue. An interpreter can help with a wide variety of tasks at Expo 2020 Dubai. For example, if you plan to move a lot between venues, or if you have business meetings scheduled outside the main exhibition venue, the interpreter can accompany you to another location.

This will make your visit to the exhibition as convenient and productive as possible.

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