Gateway to the East: Awatera Helping Middle East and North African IT Businesses Go Global

Awatera, the largest translation company in Russia and the CIS, represents Russian business as part of the delegation and is heading on a new mission to Kuwait scheduled for October 10–12. In May, Awatera visited Morocco on a similar mission. That visit had a purpose and has already borne fruit: today, Morocco has become a trade gateway to North Africa and the Middle East. Many countries on the continent are experiencing a rapid boom in everything that has to do with the development of digital trends. On the markets of Kuwait and Morocco, Awatera provides comprehensive assistance in localizing the IT enterprises of the MENA region and preparing them for the global market.

Businesses focusing on the latest digital technologies and innovations, e-commerce, telecommunications and cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, etc. are particularly interested in the external market. This is hardly surprising: the number of internet users in the region has increased by 20% in the last year. In total, there are currently more than 700 technology hubs and incubators operating in various African countries. The e-commerce market is also growing: the projected volume of the African Internet market in 2023 is estimated by experts at $29 billion, which is almost twice as much as it was five years ago.

North African and Middle Eastern IT entrepreneurs are actively developing cybersecurity in fintech. For example, they develop their own integrated systems of service, information and local payment support, create an autonomous technological infrastructure that allows them to work in isolation from the products of Western brands.

Thanks to the experience of businesses operating under sanctions, namely the establishment of an autonomous banking system and local Internet, Russian organizations have become pioneers in the market of cybersecurity services today. The increasing trend towards multipolarity, diversification, micro-zoning and regionalization of high-tech businesses is spurring African startups and companies to actively develop their own expansion plans in this area.

Many organizations are preparing to scale internationally, but don't know where to start. Awatera's mission is to help local entrepreneurs enter the foreign markets while taking into account current circumstances and trends.

Awatera's interest in new geographical areas has a long history — the company has been helping Russian businesses to scale and adapt in different regions of the world since its foundation. Previously, Awatera was actively developing in the Middle East, helping entrepreneurs from Russia to adapt in the UAE. Existing cases include assistance to a wide variety of companies from the same fintech, active tourism, foodtech and many others.

The list of services provided to clients includes, among others, assistance in obtaining a business license, company registration, obtaining visas and employee quotas. Awatera specialists also assist with real estate purchase/lease agreements, opening bank accounts, obtaining insurance and car titles, etc.

Gateway to the East
Awatera Helping Middle East
North African IT Businesses Go Global

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