Opening new possibilities for simultaneous interpretation

We are proudly announcing the inaugural joint project completed together with the SPEAKUS cloud-based simultaneous interpretation service team.

SpeakUs is a cloud-based platform delivering remote simultaneous interpretation services. SpeakUs makes it possible to carry out projects from anywhere in the world regardless of the whereabouts of any of the three parties involved.

These are the signs that adorned our meeting rooms for three days straight:




Interpreters are at work!"

What was it all about? You see, a conference on veterinary medicine and animal husbandry was being held in Phuket, and AWATERA interpreters were delivering remote simultaneous interpretation straight from the Company's headquarters.

With none of our simultaneous interpreters actually being present at the conference, they were able to provide top-quality interpreting services and bring their A game thanks to hi-tech solutions.

At the end of the third day, many interpreters offered themselves as candidates for similar projects in the future. In turn, AWATERA would like to thank everyone who helped make this project happen.

Our key message is that remote simultaneous interpretation technologies are already part of our reality. They are transforming interpreting services, making them more accessible, breaking the barriers, and ever pushing the envelope.

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