Pharmaceutical translation

On top of language skills, medical and pharmaceutical translation requires proper mastery of internationally accepted terminology. That's why our translators are, first and foremost, industry experts capable of translating highly-specialized medical content.

  • Specifically, our translators specialize in:
  • Clinical drug trials and their results
  • Registration documents for equipment and drugs
  • Pharmaceutical company and product licenses
  • Quality and compliance certificates for drugs and equipment
  • Websites of companies working in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, and manufacturing of medical equipment
  • Scientific and pop science literature on medicine
  • Assessment reports, notes, and certificates issued by healthcare professionals
  • User manuals and medication guides
  • Medical history files

We work with Dr.Reddy’s, regularly translating medical articles for their website. We provide language services for the Ukrainian pharmaceutical group of companies Biopharma and the Innovative Pharma (InPharma) Association of Pharmaceutical Companies, bringing together major manufacturers of medications. Also, we translate manuals for Johnson&Johnson medical equipment.

Pharmaceutical translation has its peculiarities. For instance, someone working exclusively with Russian to English translation cannot possibly translate documents from English into Russian since the terminology of these languages varies immensely. Vice versa, a professional delivering high-quality pharmaceutical translation into Russian might be ignorant of some industry-related terminology and make a mistake while translating into English.

AWATERA brings together professional translators working with a variety of languages!

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