Wonderlancers: training, hiring, caring

On August 25, Olga Gilyarevskaya, Chief Editor at AWATERA, will give a talk on "wonderlancers" at Translation Forum Russia.

A combination of "wonder" and "freelancer" — Olga will dive into how these top specialists drive their craft to new heights in their everyday work.

The discussion will center around training new translators, what it should specifically focus on, and also where to find work. Professional development for currently employed translators will also be a subject, as well as how to find a balance and get the most out of both work and study.

"I can't wait for Translation Forum Russia, it's always such a fun, positive place to be." Olga Gilyarevskaya shares. "I'm looking forward to seeing my old friends and making new ones, enjoying beautiful St. Petersburg and meeting the whole team!

I'll be bringing along with me some pro secrets I've learned over the years on how to best work with freelancers. I have so much to share on finding/training young translators, getting them to love their craft, and cultivating a "wonderlancer" mindset among professionals. See you all at TFR!"

The "Wonderlancers: training, hiring, caring" presentation will start in the language section of Translation Forum Russia on August 25 at 3:30 p.m.

If you want to join in the dialogue on freelancers and so much more, register online at http://tconference.ru/ and become a part of one of 2019's can't-miss linguistic events.

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