Translation Cost: How It Is Calculated and What Sets the Price

AWATERA is one of the biggest linguistic services provider. We offer translation and multilanguage localization services from/to over 80+ languages. We employ leading experts in the field of translation, which helps us ensure exceptional quality.

That said, we strive to make translations as affordable as possible and reduce the time spent waiting for a finished product. That is why our company leverages such cutting-edge solutions as:

Translation Memory. Any previously translated text fragments are saved to a special database, which makes it possible to identify internal repetitions in subsequent documents with an available translation memory, and a system of reduced rates is applied. You only pay the full price for new phrases.  


  1. Post-Editing Machine Translation. Large volumes of text are handled by software to be subsequently proofread by an industry expert who makes the necessary editorial changes. This speeds up the work, without sacrificing the quality of the final product.
  2. Automation and use of innovative technologies. The service is based on automated internal workflows for translation and the use of a modern translation platform. Our state-of-the-art solutions significantly simplify the process of transferring and processing texts for translation. 
  3. All the above significantly reduces the costs of translation and streamlines the procedure of placing and accepting orders. All that remains is to calculate the overall cost of the service with all the additional factors taken into account. For this, you simply need to attach your document and send it to an AWATERA manager.


The advantages of this solution are obvious:


  • a specialist will clarify all the details and peculiarities of the project to  fine-tune and customize the approach;
  • the cost will be arranged up front and will not change during the work process;
  • the use of innovative technologies will reduce the time required to process even large documents;
  • we will always stick to the deadline, and you will receive our translation precisely at the arranged time.


Want to find out the cost of your translation? All you need to do is send a calculation request using the form below. A prompt response is guaranteed. 


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