2013 Lingvo.pro

Lingvo.Pro is Russia's first terminology management system with an intuitive interface.

Numerous organizations face difficulties when translating corporate files, and the most common problem is that they're unable to find the right term quickly and use it properly in a given project.

Lingvo.Pro simplifies translators' work with corporate terminology and helps avoid its misuse by employees across the company's various departments. Apart from managing the company's terminological resources in a convenient and efficient way, the new solution improves the quality of translated content by using unified terminology and cuts the costs by reducing time spent on editing and reworking texts.

As a cloud-based solution, Lingvo.Pro requires minimum integration and maintenance input. Companies can easily grant access to corporate terminology not only for their staff but also for freelance translators and contractors for translation services, while retaining full control over translation materials and ensuring their confidentiality. This cloud-based service can be particularly useful for large- and medium-size businesses working in an international environment.

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