Smartcat is the only platform designed for both translators and their customers.

Besides automating the translation process through machine translation and terminology and translation memory management, the system also facilitates the search for translators via an integrated marketplace.

Translations are automatically saved to the customer’s translation memory (TM). Storing previously translated passages in the system ensures stylistic and lexical uniformity.

Flexible API-based integration allows texts to be sent for translation straight from the corporate system without any time being lost on creating and forwarding files; once the translation is ready, it returns to the system.

Machine translation (МТ) allows for any volume of text to be processed in real time, resulting in a translation quality significantly superior to that of open-access machine translation services, since specialized solutions are developed on the basis of the topic and the customer’s TM and corporate terminology.

Smartcat configurations allow in-house translators, freelancers, and even translation service providers to collaborate on a single project simultaneously in real time, using up-to-date glossaries and TMs, while communicating via the system.

The platform meets the highest possible data security standards, as all projects are carried out in a closed account, and the access level is regulated by a flexible access allocation system.

The Smartcat database features 250,000 professional freelance translators working with a variety of topics and languages.