Marketing translation

Marketing content is rightfully considered among the hardest to translate. Often, marketing texts create the first impression about a company or product, so every detail can be of make-or-break importance. The ability to hit the right tone in addressing the target audience, choose the right style, adapt slogans, and localize wordplay is indispensable when it comes to crafting and projecting the intended image.


A marketing text always goes beyond the “just text” confines. It should resonate with the reader: enchant them, motivate them, or spur their thought process. Besides mere translation skills, recreating such texts in the target language requires marketing prowess. Albeit not easy, it is totally achievable! Our team is ready to take on the hardest challenges to help your product make a splash in a foreign market.


Marketing translation
Marketing translation is the translation of any type of marketing content. We adapt it to meet the needs of the target audience and help your company stand out, make a statement, and promote your product on the global market.
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Literary translation
Literary translation is the translation of literary works. Rather than just translating your text, our experts will create an authentic literary work in the target language.
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We create texts from scratch spanning a variety of subject matters and genres, from short ads and commercials to full-length medical journal articles.
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Rewriting includes a deeper adaptation of materials compared with marketing translation. We will prune the source text or introduce new information, completely transform it or correct the details, add stylistic changes, and make your text look exactly the way you intend it to.
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Transcreation is a creative reimagining of the source text that, while preserving the meaning, readjusts the form to suit the target audience. It is not just translation, but rather a blend of translation and copywriting that can be employed to render the notorious untranslatables, such as wordplay, jokes, catchy slogans, or headlines.
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AWATERA, the largest provider of linguistic services in Russia and the CIS, offers marketing translation services in the following areas

luxury products and services
consumer appliances, electronics, and gadgetry
household items and services (furniture, renovation, design)
travel industry and hospitality
health and beauty
green initiatives and sustainable development
humanities, history, art, and educationHR (resumes, recruitment, training)
HR (resumes, recruitment, training).

Why choose awatera?

Profound experience
Extensive translation experience across all topics; term bases and glossaries developed over 10+ years
Quality control
Once the initial translation is done, it is checked by an editor with the relevant experience and then receives a final review by a proofreader
A personalized approach
A personalized and flexible approach allows us to work with the largest pharmaceutical companies

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