In today’s age of globalization, innovation, and high tech, progress is only possible if you are motivated to grow, evolve, and explore new opportunities as they arise. We all need to cooperate and understand each other.

Words are just a shell

We are convinced that miscommunication is at the root of many problems that hinder global progress. Therefore, we aim to create a space of understanding between people. We believe that translating words alone into a foreign language comes up short of the goal of effective communication. Words are just a shell, and we strive to see through it and get down to the essence. To truly understand someone, we need to figure out exactly what they want to say and focus on the main points. This is an important principle that we adhere to in our work.

Understanding is the essence of life

AWATERA has a broader concept of understanding than most businesses do. We believe that by understanding ourselves and our aspirations, our loved ones, their experiences and life trajectories, we can create a more mature, conscious, and happy society, one where bridging linguistic differences is easy because we know for a fact that development should face no barriers, neither linguistic nor cultural.

We work every day to make our goals come true. Every Awateran is proactive in boosting their awareness and emotional intelligence, as well as helping to build and develop a space of understanding that is rooted in our values. In it, people from different walks of life can self-actualize and become happy. This is a space governed by love and filled with use: friendly communications, processes, techniques, and tools. It opens up endless opportunities. And we know that the warmth and harmony of that Space extend far beyond AWATERA.

AWATERA is a teal organization defined by three hallmark traits. The first one is wholeness: we love what we do, and we are committed, confident and unafraid to make mistakes. Second is self-management: we believe that colleagues must be peers, equal in their standings, to be able to trust each other and tackle any challenge. And third is the evolutionary purpose: we strive to create an environment of mutual understanding, where the happiness of our colleagues and partners is the ultimate goal.