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AWATERA is a leading provider of linguistic services and technologies in Russia and CIS countries.

The company was formed in 2017 by way of a merger between ABBYY LS and TRAKTAT, two leading companies within the Russian linguistic market.

According to the Translation Rating research agency, AWATERA was recognized as the largest translation company in Russia in 2018. Despite this considerable achievement, we are not planning on resting on our laurels and we continue expanding our market presence every year! The company currently operates offices in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Belgorod, Irkutsk, Kiev, Almaty, and the USA.

Our vast production potential, multistage quality assurance, and extensive experience in managing linguistic projects enable us to remain a market leader. Our reputation as a highly professional and reliable provider of translation services is well-earned. Our corporate clients include well-known Russian and international companies, such as Gazprom, Raiffeisen Bank, Siemens, Johnson&Johnson, Amway, WWF, representing a multitude of economic sectors.

AWATERA factsheet:


translation company in Eastern Europe


supplier of linguistic services and technologies in the world

5 000

corporate customers worldwide, including Johnson & Johnson, Mail.ru, RusHydro, Sberbank, Gazprom, and KPMG

300 million

words translated each year

60 000

translators and other professionals working with 80+ languages in 130 countries


offices across the globe with a physical presence in European and US markets

AWATERA is not just a top-ranking translation company, but also a technological leader with a proprietary, industry-specific ERP system, API connectors for localization of multilingual websites and services based on machine translation.

We are continually improving the quality of our services. Staying the perfect provider of language services and technologies for our clients is our top priority!


2017 г.


Two of the biggest translation companies in Russia, ABBYY LS and Traktat, merged to form AWATERA™. A new player with revenues exceeding one billion RUB entered the market.

2017 г.


ABBYY LS created an in-house ERP system based on technology by SAP® to manage translation projects.

2017 г.

Translation API

The company launched an automated solution for streamlining website localization, the API Connector, for 1C-Bitrix, WordPress, and other CMS.

2016 г.


ABBYY consolidated all proprietary products and services, including its translation services and technology, on a single cloud-based platform.

2016 г.

Xerox® Easy Translator Service

2015 г.

Company in Tatarstan

The Eastern languages expert center was opened in Kazan. ABBYY LS developed machine translation technology from Russian into Tatar as part of a project by the government of the Republic of Tatarstan.

2014 г.


ABBYY LS launched its cloud solution for computer-aided translation. SmartCAT offers advanced machine translation technology, management of terminology and translation memories and many other features. Later, the solution was expanded to include a translation specialist marketplace. In 2016, SmartCAT became a standalone company.

2014 г.

Perevedem Coursera

The company created a specialized cloud solution for crowdsourced translation. Over 3 million words were translated by volunteers over the course of the project. Coursera is a popular online education project. It features free courses from some of the best universities in the world available to the public.

2013 г.


An in-house online terminology management solution was launched with an emphasis on aspects of translation in Russian companies.

2013 г.


The company launched its free interpreter search service (freelancer market).

2012 г.

Company in Kazakhstan

ABBYY LS entered the Kazakhstan market by opening its Almaty branch.

2012 г.

Company in the USA

The company enters the US market by buying out the Connective Language Solutions company.

2012 г.

Skolkovo resident

ABBYY LS became a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, where its translation management research project was launched.

2011 г.


The Telephone Interpreter service is launched, allowing customers to get instant assistance from interpreters during telephone calls.

2010 г.

Company in Ukraine

The company entered the Ukrainian market by opening its Kiev branch.

2008 г.

Company in Belgorod

The Belgorod production center was opened.

2007 г.


ABBYY purchases a share in Perevedem.ru. ABBYY LS was founded.

2003 г.


An online service for rush translations of any volume was created (deployed on the cloud in 2013).

2000 г.


The linguistics company was founded, offering translations on any subject into any language

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