The key to success in the business world is being able to hear and understand your partners. AWATERA understands this and offers unique interpretation solutions capable of meeting any customer need anywhere in the world.



Along with traditional forms of interpretation, including consecutive interpretation (paragraph-by-paragraph or phrase-by-phrase interpretation during pauses), simultaneous interpretation (conducted while the speaker is speaking and transmitted to the audience using special equipment) and chuchotage (in other words "whispering," i.e. simultaneous interpretation for 1–3 people without the use of any tech), we also offer the following:


  • Event management, including turnkey solutions for arranging events
  • Business escorts, including interpreter guides and personal assistants for business trips
  • Foreign language training (in person / remotely, individually / in groups)
  • Remote video interpretation via teleconferencing
  • Telephone interpretation
  • Organization of multilingual call centers
  • Quality audit of in-house interpreters
  • Lease of equipment for interpretation projects and conferences


With AWATERA, you get access to more than 10,000 interpreters in 200+ language pairs available 24/7/365 anywhere in the world.

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