AWATERA has devoted many years to providing translation services for companies in the energy sector.

Our translators specialize in:

  • Documents for the construction and operation of gas turbine power plants
  • Manuals and guides for the installation and operation of equipment
  • Industrial safety data sheets
  • Drawings and diagrams of turbine units
  • Quality control reports for works at sites
  • Documents for electrical equipment and instrumentation
  • Manuals for automated control systems (ACS)

Select projects:

  • Translation of design documents, operating manuals for gas turbine units manufactured by PWPS
  • Translation of safety manuals for all Nord Stream 1 production sites
  • Translation of documents into different languages for ROSATOM Group
  • Regular translation services for RusHydro PJSC, including the translation of large volumes of documents at an average translation speed of 100 pages per day
  • Comprehensive language services for DTEK Group, the largest private energy holding company in Ukraine, including 100,000 pages of technical, legal and investment documents annually
  • Translation of documents for the operation of power generation and power distribution facilities, and technical support for the construction of power units for ABS Energoneft CJSC

Our clients

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