AWATERA specializes in translation services for even the most complex subjects, including engineering. Our experts are foreign language specialists, but more importantly, they have a deep understanding of the industry and wide-ranging experience working with construction drawings and other documents.

 Our translators specialize in:

  • Market studies
  • Techno economic feasibility studies for prospective production facilities
  • Engineering surveys (topographic surveys, soil surveys, elaboration of regional development plans, transportation systems and other infrastructure facilities)
  • Master plans and architectural plans
  • Project cost estimates
  • Cost calculations for the construction and operation of facilities
  • Detailed drawings, technical specifications
  • Contract documents for various works
  • Documents for competitive bidding
  • Acceptance and performance test certificates

 Select projects:

  • Translation of documents on geodesy and cartography using special tools for Hexagon
  • Translation, digitization and rendering of detailed drawings in CAD systems, translation of technical specifications for Honeywell, AirLiquide
  • Translation of design documentation from English into Kazakh (over 2,000 pages) on the wellhead pressure expansion project for Ersai Caspian Contractor LLC
  • Translation of design documentation for the construction of a ship-repair plant in Kuryk, Kazakhstan, for Witteween Bos Caspain LLC