The success of any international event is directly correlated to the quality of language services and technical support. AWATERA is a leading provider of services for top-level events. We specialize in the interpretation of speeches and negotiations involving senior public figures, and offer comprehensive services to ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish and beyond.

Our translators specialize in:

  • Top-level political and economic events
  • Business forums
  • Localization of presentations for forums
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Chuchotage
  • Equipment for events
  • Conferences and other events

Select projects:

  • Simultaneous interpretation in the Chinese-Russian, English-Russian, Korean-Russian and Japanese-Russian language pairs at Eastern Economic Forum 2015, Vladivostok
  • Simultaneous interpretation at the 1st International Youth Forum in Grozny, 2015
  • Simultaneous interpretation at Atlases 2016, a business conference held in Moscow
  • Simultaneous interpretation at exhibitions including BUSEXPO and MIMS Automechanika Moscow, 2016
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in Hungarian-Russian, English-Russian, French-Russian and Spanish-Russian language pairs at ATOMEXPO 2016–2017, Gostiny Dvor, Moscow
  • Interpretation of the extended cycle of training lectures for oil and gas project management at the Moscow Refinery and Honeywell, 2016–2017, Moscow
  • Long-term provision of language services (consecutive interpretation) for Technip projects, 2016–2018, Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia
  • Simultaneous interpretation for Dr. Reddy's at medical conferences abroad in India (Oncology, Hematology), 2017, and Gastrosphere in Dubai, 2016
  • Consecutive interpretation at international exhibitions including FlowersExpo, Worldfood, Bananas and Tropical Fruits for the Trade Mission of the Republic of Ecuador, 2017, Moscow
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in the Chinese-Russian, English-Russian, Hebrew-Russian and English-Chinese language pairs at Startup Village 2016–2018, SKOLKOVO
  • Simultaneous interpretation at a series of training lectures on computational thermodynamics and popularization of science (2017–2018) for MISiS, Moscow
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in the English-Russian and French-Russian language pairs (10 booths) at EECAAC 2018, a specialized medical conference held in Moscow
  • Consecutive interpretation at Naked Hearts 2018, a charitable event held in Moscow
  • Simultaneous interpretation and technical support for webcasting at the CeraVe brand launch in Russia, 2018, Moscow
  • Consecutive interpretation during GMP inspections in Puerto Rico (Eli Lilly), India (Fresenius Kabi) and Germany (Bayer)
  • Recruitment of local specialists for consecutive interpretation in the United States (Toyota, Moscow Investors Association), Japan (Peton), China (Almaz-Antey), Bolivia (Rusatom Service), Spain (L'Oréal), India (Atomexpo), China (VipServis), Chile, Argentina (SKOLKOVO), Poland (Atomexpo), Germany (AG Loyalty, TsentrDorStroy) and the UK (AbbVie)

Our clients

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