AWATERA specialists will pinpoint aspects of your game that need to be adapted for a new target audience, or modify or completely change its visual elements if they fail to meet local standards or have an undesirable meaning among the target audience. We can also adapt video texts and hire professional actors and speakers to record audio that precisely matches characters and integrates seamlessly into the game.
Our years of experience collaborating with leading publishers have earned us the reputation of an expert company in this industry, meaning your games will play right in any market.

 Our translators specialize in:

  • Analysis of materials
  • Translation and adaptation of game texts
  • Redrawing of texture and graphics
  • Video dubbing and voice-over translation
  • Localization testing

 Select projects:

  • Video game localization: PixWords and PixWords Scenes into 26 languages for Decovir
  • Translation of Taonga: the Island Farm for Volka
  • Localization of Out There for Mi-Clos Studios