We have wide-ranging experience translating in the sphere of oil and gas production, transportation and processing, as well as the construction of industry-specific infrastructure.

 Our translators specialize in:

  • Exploration and production, including geological and seismic surveys, well logging
  • Cost-benefit analysis of projects and the preparation of feasibility studies
  • Issues in environmental protection and environmental management
  • Analysis of hazards and measures in the field of occupational health, safety and environmental protection
  • All issues related to the development of deposits and fields
  • Issues in supply, construction and procurement for construction camps and drilling fields
  • Technology for oil and gas production, including advanced technology for the recovery of wells and stimulation of production, well workover
  • Sea and land facilities, platforms and barges, support vessels
  • Pipeline construction, oil and gas pipeline transportation and fiscal metering
  • Transportation of oil products by land and sea transport, oil export terminals and pumping points
  • Processes and equipment of oil and gas processing
  • Construction and operation of refineries
  • Construction and operation of oil and gas storage facilities
  • Expert systems in analytical chemistry
  • Production of the entire range of oil products, distillation and cracking technologies, use of catalysts and production of ultra-low-sulfur diesel
  • Transportation of finished products

 Select projects:

  • Translation of the basic design package of the comprehensive reconstruction of the medium distillate hydrotreating unit designed by Shell Global Solutions International B.V.

AWATERA is also the official LSP for:

  • Big Chemistry, an international forum held in Ufa
  • The National Oil and Gas Forum (Moscow)
  • The Kazenergy Kazakhstan Association of Oil, Gas and Energy Sector Organizations