Medicine and pharmaceuticals are at the top of our specializations. Our editors aren’t just native speakers in the target language, they’re medicine and pharmaceutical industry experts. Extensive knowledge and experience guarantee effective usage of professional terminology and ensure what’s most important in this field: translation accuracy.

 Our translators specialize in:

  • Clinical trials of drugs and their results
  • Registration documents for equipment and drugs
  • Pharmaceutical company licenses and pharmaceutical product licenses
  • Quality and compliance certificates for drugs and equipment
  • Company websites in the field of medicine, pharmaceuticals, clinical trials and medical equipment manufacturing
  • Scientific and popular science literature on medicine
  • Conclusions and certificates issued by medical specialists
  • Manuals for equipment and drug use instructions
  • Medical histories of patients

 Select projects:

  • Translation of manuals for Johnson&Johnson medical equipment (more than 7,000 pages in one month).
  • Regular translation of articles on medicine for the Dr. Reddy’s website.
  • Translation and DTP design of several hundred ophthalmology-related presentation slides for Alcon in less than a month.
  • Language services for Biopharma, a Ukrainian pharmaceutical group of companies, including those during the registration process of recombinant drugs and probiotics based on spore-forming bacteria in Ukraine and other countries.