The AWATERA name is synonymous with technology. As a company that creates new technologies, we are well versed in the tech world and everything that's a part of it. We understand the importance of correct data for turning any project into a working technology. In other words, we speak your language!

Our translators specialize in:

  • Information technology, computers and communications
  • Localization of games, multimedia and websites
  • Scientific and technical translation
  • Electronics, electrical engineering and electromechanics
  • Technical texts for the metallurgical industry, metalworking and mechanical engineering
  • Construction projects, plans, budget estimates, expert examinations and other documentation
  • Manuals and accompanying documents for vehicles and machinery
  • Copyright, patent documents and permits

Select projects:

  • Localization of SAP products
  • Go-to-market localization for Lenovo
  • Large volumes of highly-specialized documentation translation for British Telecom in the tightest timeframes
  • Construction projects, plans, budget estimates, expert examinations and permits for Technip, AirLiquide, Honeywell
  • Translation of technical documents for Saint-Gobain from Finnish, Swedish and Polish

Our clients

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