A unified cloud-based platform for all ABBYY products and services, including translation services and technologies. The cloud service makes the latest text recognition technologies available to any independent application designer.

The ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK (OCR, optical character recognition; SDK, software development kit) service gives access to cutting-edge optical character, mark, and barcode recognition technologies through a Web API.

Any developer has the opportunity to enhance their applications with optical character recognition of printed texts in 198 languages or handwritten-in-uppercase texts in 113 languages.

This is the fastest development tool in terms of purchasing and setup. As all the procedures for the start-up of the service are carried out online, there’s no need to involve the supplier’s employees or sign an obligatory software license agreement. With the ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK’s optimum pricing model, developers only pay for the recognition of the required number of documents.

Samples of coding in .NET, PHP, Ruby, cURL, Python, Java, and ASP.NET speed up the development of applications.

Since ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK is cloud-based and constantly upgraded, developers have access to the latest optical character recognition technologies. There’s no need to purchase the product’s latest version, as is customary with traditional SDKs.

As all ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK resources are stored in the cloud, developers avoid additional expenses on IT infrastructure. The service operates on the Microsoft® Windows® Azure™ platform, which not only saves the developer’s computing capacity but also ensures that applications are all the more reliable.

You can start working on ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK with any number of documents and increase or decrease the capacity depending on the tasks. The service can be used both to process a small number of documents and to digitalize large archives.