Technical translation

AWATERA boasts extensive experience as a provider of technical translation services. Diagrams, drawings, instructions, user manuals, machine specifications—we are happy to translate all kinds of technical materials for you.


We value your time as we understand how important it is to keep up with the modern fast-paced lifestyle, which is why you can reach out to us anytime, day and night. Our experts will answer any questions you may have and offer you the best turnaround times we can.

In addition to translation, we can assist you with any related tasks your project requires. DTP design, working with CAT systems and files of different formats—we will find the best solution for any task you may be faced with.


  • Specialized file formats and programs such as Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign, AutoCAD, QuarkXPress, SmartSketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, KOMPAS 3D, and MicroStation
  • Industry-specific documents: design documentation, instructions and manuals, safety data sheets, quality control protocols, drawings, research articles, service books, patents, technical regulations
  • Automated translation systems (SDL Trados Studio, Smartcat, Transit, etc.) for project management to ensure consistency with the glossary and translation memory (TM) buildup.

AWATERA has developed an in-house quality assurance systemto ensure the highest quality of translations performed by our specialists.

Inspired by the technical sector, our QA system is based on quantitative characteristics. We believe in numbers as the most reliable quality indicators. We wanted to find a well-grounded and universal evaluation tool, rather than using subjective characteristics like “good” and “bad”.

That’s why we developed a system of error classification by error type (style, grammar, terminology, etc.) and gravity and came up with a formula to calculate the “quality index” which allows us to evaluate translation quality objectively.

AWATERA has a dedicated QA department that checks translators’ work on a regular basis and evaluates the translations using this formula. We rely on this system to ensure high levels of quality and to constantly improve on it.


  • Oil and gas
  • Fuel and energy
  • Automotive
  • Metallurgy
  • Railway
  • Construction

Why choose Awatera?

Profound experience
Extensive translation experience across all topics; term bases and glossaries developed over 10+ years
24/7 support
24/7 customer support; night shift translators
Project team
Fast selection of project team members even for less common language pairs



1,6 rub
Standard translation
Translation followed by proofreading, where the final product accurately captures the meaning of the original. Perfect for most cases when speed is just as important as quality.
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2,6 rub
Professional translation
Translation by a Category One translator; editing by a target language native speaker*; proofreading. This type of service ensures high quality as well as accuracy of meaning and stylistics.
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6,8 rub
Translation by a Category One translator; editing by a target language native speaker; proofreading; post-editing by an industry expert (or an LQA specialist). Translation quality is on par with the industry standards. Recommended for when even minor errors in translation can have major consequences.
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