On-site processes, such as adding a new production line, setting up equipment, or launching a new facility, often require the installation to be supervised by international experts. It starts with drawing up the necessary documentation, followed by professional training and practice. Although your employees may speak the required foreign language, sometimes the subject matter is so specific that it calls for help from translators and interpreters with expertise in that particular field. AWATERA offers a range of solutions to address the most intricate tasks.

Our project services:

  • conducting a full-cycle of confidential written translations in a closed IT loop at your facility;
  • selecting translators and interpreters for the project, as well as an executive editor, project managers, and a DTP person to work on the layout and format of any industrial documents, including drawings;
  • providing licenses and configuring a CAT system for professional translations that will be completed by the selected team, for exercising centralized quality control, and using a unified glossary;
  • managing a team of interpreters, adapting to changing schedules and any other unforeseen circumstances;
  • providing any equipment required for interpreting.

Our competitive advantages:

  • we find the most suitable arrangements for translation participants given the document translation requirements and the work schedule;
  • we offer customized pricing (the budget depends on a project’s details, processes, and location);
  • we ensure confidentiality through signing an NDA with each project participant;
  • all translations saved in the CAT system will be transferred to you once the project is complete;
  • to economize, we look for contractors in your region; if necessary, we also organize transportion and accommodations for contractors in the regional center;
  • we use an encryption system on-site to issue budget estimates and invoices without disclosing confidential information.

Our linguistic support provides you:

  • consistently translated “turnkey” documents across all areas of expertise;
  • Interpretation on industrial sites, during trainings and negotiations;
  • assistance with verbal communications, with allowances made for changing interpreters and for fluctuating meeting times.