We are razor-focused on user experience when it comes to localizing software solutions. Tasks like these require more than just simple translation: addressing them involves special knowledge and skills, automation and testing tools, and a team of experts ranging from linguists to testers. We have extensive experience collaborating with top game publishers and global leaders in the software development arena.

Content requiring localization can include the following:

  • Software products
  • Games
  • Websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Multimedia files

Our localization process:

  1. Studying the customer’s solutions to identify the distinct characteristics of their software, its audience and purpose
  2. Building a glossary that includes all the relevant terms and definitions. Approving the glossary with the customer
  3. Translating, editing and reviewing by industry experts
  4. Localization testing by running the software and assessing translation accuracy
  5. Preparing the help system and functional testing of the localized product
  6. Preparing the design documentation