Our specialists will help you to translate a French movie into English, make a voiceover for a video in Japanese, or replace complex titles even if the source materials are unavailable.


We translate and make voiceovers for movies, as well as audio and video content, including:

· Transcription of audio tracks

· Professional translation of video scripts

· Insertion of timecodes, the arrangement of lines by roles, lip-syncing of the translated script

· Voice acting by professionals cast from a list of announcers and voice actors. We offer both revoicing (original actor's voice is replaced by another actor) and voice-over translation (actor's voice is recorded over the original audio track heard in the background).

· Video localization, replacement of titles and captions, subtitling

· DVD authoring, replacement of scores in video or movies

· Voiceover for video games

· Business voicemail messages


Production of promotional video and live recording:

· We provide turnkey video recording services.

· The finished product fully complies with the pre-approved design.

· Voiceovers are performed by professional voice actors in your target language.

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